WIP Annual Summit 2013

The 2013 Annual Summit of the "Women in Parliaments Global Forum" took place from 27 to 29 November 2013 at the European Parliament in Brussels.

The WIP Annual Summit is the first time that all female Parliamentarians in the World were invited to gather in a unique conference. WIP is grateful to the European Parliament for co-organising the WIP Annual Summit 2013.

Participants from more than 100 countries participated, which made the WIP Annual Summit an unprecedented occasion to discuss the issues on the Global Agenda from the perspective of female political leaders.

We had an outstanding selection of speakers for the Keynote presentations, the five Interactive Plenary Debates, the WIP Award Ceremonies and the Working Groups, including several Nobel Prize Winners, Heads of Government, European Commissioners, Ministers, Academics and high profile representatives of the Civil Society and Philanthropy.


The WIP Annual Summit 2013 will also marked the historic anniversary of 120 years of women's suffrage. On the 28 November 1893, the women of New Zealand became the first in the world to vote in a national election!

The cornerstones of the WIP Annual Summit were:

  • High-level keynote speeches
  • Panel debates / interactive plenary sessions
  • Working Groups
  • Award ceremonies to honour countries for leadership in closing the gender gap
  • Townhall meeting
  • Networking opportunities

The issues that were addressed included:

  • Reshaping society through female leadership
  • Be the change you wish to see in the world
  • Reverse reality - what if: ‘Lehman Sisters’ or the sisterhood ran G20 and big business
  • The mother of female empowerment: peace, security and the integrity of the person
  • All men are created equal. So are women. Bridging societal gaps
  • Moving beyond numbers - the impact of elected women in Parliaments
  • Corruption - killing progress
  • How can Parliaments deliver on gender equality
  • Gender studies in academics
  • The Global Gender Gap Report 2013

The Working Groups were organized in cooperation with international partners, such as:

  • UN Development Programme and UN Women
  • Inter-Parliamentary Union
  • Transparency International and Ernst & Young
  • World Economic Forum
  • World Bank

The WIP Annual Summit 2013 was a memorable occasion, bringing together female Parliamentarians from across the globe in the spirit of advancing society.

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